data.  so much data.  

Data.  It's everywhere.  But why?


Data is good because it can be used to help us understand, to educate us and to drive improvements.

  • It 'translates' concepts that may be difficult to grasp into facts.

  • Data can prove or disprove hypotheses or theories.

Bad data can be used to mislead or even lie to us.  Bad data and bad data uses can:

  • Influence us to push an agenda

It all boils down to - is it factual or fabricated-  Is it used correctly or is it misused or abused.  There is more, of course.  But that's a start.  So where do you start (or restart)?

Think of the 5F's
(or click to watch them):

  1. Find it

  2. Fact-check it

  3. Fix it

  4. Fuse it (and use it)

  5. Flaunt it